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Dr. Toyoki Kozai

President, THe Agricultural Academy of japan


Toyoki Kozai Ph.D, is the president of The Agricultural Academy of Japan. After establishing his early work on greenhouse light environments, energy savings, ventilation, and computer applications, his scientific interest was extended to in-vitro environments and their control for sugar-free medium micro-propagation and transplant production in closed systems using artificial lighting. Since 2010, he has been serving as President of the Japan Plant Factory Association (a non-profit organization) and is leading the research and development of controlled environmental greenhouses using heat pumps, artificial lighting, fogging, CO2 enrichment, and nutrient solution control systems.

Awards - Friendship Award from Chinese Government, Lifetime Achievement Award from The Society for In Vitro Biology (USA), The Purple Ribbon Award from Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, The Japan Prize of Agricultural Sciences from Association of Japanese Agricultural Scientific Societies, and many others. 

He has published over 200+ research papers and 50+ book chapters. He wrote and edited more than 10 books, including “Plant Factory: an indoor vertical farming system for efficient quality food production" published in October 2015 by Academic Press, and "LED lighting for Urban Agriculture" published by Springer in October 2016.